Why worry? Stellar Data Recovery is your Anchor!

Stellar Data Recovery is your most Trusted Companion for all Those Who are Looking Forward to a Safe and Efficient Burned Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Our Skilled Professionals promises to extract files from both Physically Damaged & Fire Damaged Hard Drive that seems inaccessible irrespective of their make, model, or file system.

We are over 2 Decades old and Best-in Class leaders across the globe for providing Burnt Hard Drive Recovery solutions.

Occurrence of Natural Disasters ranging from fires to lightning strikes is beyond control. That said, they still can act as a prey to your business by damaging or burning the storage media like hard drive including the critical data: Software Applications, Software Applications, Database, Precious Photos, Inventory Files, Research Papers, and Financial Records. Are you ready to experience this Loss or Bankruptcy?

All Hard Drives are vulnerable to Damage - be it Logical or Physical. Similar to Logical Failure Cases, recovering inaccessible data due to physically damaged and burned hard drive is not a big issue. Therefore, being aware of each aspect of Physical Damage and Hard Drive Data Recovery becomes imperative.

For up to 100% Secure and Risk-free Burned Hard Drive Recovery, join hands with Stellar Data Recovery. An ISO 27001:2013 Certified Data Recovery Company equipped with the state-of-the-Art Class 100 Clean Room and an in-depth skilled in-house R&D team, we guarantee you solutions which are Precise, Successful & Satisfactory!

We are home to Expert Professionals who dedicate their time to run an in-depth research into inspecting and fixing burned hard drive issues.

How Stellar Data Recovery Ensures Data Security?

authorized experts

Biometric Access controlled Recovery Lab (Only authorized data recovery experts can access)

certified network

Temporarily stores recovered on our certified secure network (until customer verification)

Skilled team

Competent R&D department (80+ Engineers, 60+ Lab technicians & proprietary data recovery software)

Custom recovery solutions

data erasure

Proprietary Data Wiping Tool that ensures secure & certified data disposal after data delivery

ISMS - Stellar

Adheres to Information security & management service (ISMS) for privacy and security


Handles both repair and recovery requests

Data protection

Ensures utmost precision during transit

Data Security

Chain of safekeeping protocols for data security and integrity from point-of-receipt to point-of-departure

Common Burned Hard Drive Failure Scenarios
  • Power Surge
  • Fluctuation
  • Overheating
  • Natural Disasters
  • High Magnetic Fields

If you have encountered such a situation due to any of the afore-stated reasons, count on us! We will provide efficient Burned Data Recovery round-the-clock services.

Burned hard drive recovery
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Stellar Data Recovery holds a strong foothold when it comes to Risk-Free, Professional, Dedicated, and Precise Solution to Data Recovery Burned from Hard Drive. We also value your time the key resource for business continuity. You can choose any of our service as desired to recover data with ease.
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Why Choose Stellar Data Recovery for Burnt Hard Drive Recovery Services?

Stellar Data Recovery follows a well-organized and logical Recovery process to repair damaged or burned hard drive and extract the data from it in a safe and hassle-free manner. We strictly take into account different scenarios under which the Hard Drive experience issues, attempts to revive it, to problem surface environment. Based on this, we adopt the right problem-tackling data recovery approach which includes cleaning, protecting the data from further infection, and smoke damage repair to rebuild them entirely!

Hard drive recovery
30,000+ Hard drive recoveries/year
2 million + customer
2 million+
2 million + customer worldwide
15 Branches across
Recovering Data since 1993
Recovering Data
since 1993
Safety, Quick Processing, Reliability, and Cost-effectiveness are the strong pillars that have helped us to garner this zenith of success. Count on us for all types of Data Loss Solutions!

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