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Stellar has an experience of more than two decades in the domain of data recovery. We have proven capabilities to recover data from burnt hard drives of all the major makes and models. Our skilled and experienced technicians, world class infrastructure, and adherence to International standards make it possible to achieve a success rate of up to 100% data recovery from burnt hard drives. This makes us stand out of the crowd and be one of the top data recovery service providers in the world.



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Natural disaster

Natural disaster

Shorted controller board

Shorted controller board

Burnt Hard Drive Recovery Services


Our Professional Data Recovery services assure you when you’ve lost data from your burnt hard drive due to fire, overheating, short circuit, sparks, etc. Irrespective of the type of hard drive—internal or external — our experts can recover up to 100% data from your damaged hard drive.

Reach out to our hard drive data recovery experts in the first place to maximize the success rate of data recovery from your fire damaged hard drive.

Listed below are a few common fire damaged hard drive recovery cases handled by our professionals:

  • System couldn't detect the burnt hard drive
  • Data loss from overheated hard drive
  • Components deformed due to heat
  • Shorted controller board
  • Sparks damaged the drive

Stellar assures up to 100% hard drive data recovery from your burnt hard drive.

Power off


Don’t use fire damaged or burnt hard drive –If your hard drive has burnt, stop using it. Doing so might cause further damages to the drive, leading to permanent data loss. Remember that hard drives have movable components. Using a burnt hard drive means making an attempt to read/write data which might scratch the platter further.

Don’t try hit-and-trial methods –Hit and trial methods such as trying data recovery software, dismantling the drive to repair it on your own, etc. might damage the platter resulting in permanent data loss.

Avoid jerks and handle the hard drive carefully –Hard drives are delicate. A burnt hard drive may already have broken components. Jerks or even a fall may cause these broken components to damage the others. So, handle the drive carefully to prevent any further physical damage. This helps in maximizing the chances of data recovery by up to 100% from your burnt hard drive.


I lost data from my hard drive due to overheating. Can you recover my data?

Our experts analyze hard drives for damages caused due to overheating. They use proprietary tools and software to recover data from such hard drives, offering up to 100% successful recovery. However, the success rate of data recovery from burnt hard drives largely depends on the extent of damage and the physical state of components. The best way to ascertain the success rate is to get your burnt hard drive diagnosed at an authorized service center of Stellar. Read here preventive measures for hard drive crash.

Can I use a data recovery software to recover data from burnt hard drive?

Using a software to recover data from a burnt hard drive can be catastrophic. As hard drives are delicate and have movable components, doing so might cause further damages leading to permanent data loss.

How can I recover data from WD HDD with burnt PCB?

As a burnt PCB of your WD HDD is a case of physical failure, you can't recover data in such a case on your own.

Seek the help of a data recovery expert, without using any hit-and-trial methods. They might be able to recover your data by replacing the burnt PCB with a working one. Know more about PCB Failure.

What is the cost of burnt hard drive recovery?

The cost of burned hard drive data recovery service depends upon various factors viz. make and model of the hard drive, capacity of hard drive, extent of damage, etc. Read here to know more about the data recovery cost.

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Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Excellent staff, good attitude, commitment
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Thank You for your service especially during this lockdown period. It was a fairly good experience. I am looking forward to availing your service in the future as well.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Dear Nidhi, This is for the service provided to me with regards to data recovery of my desktop hard drive.
The services were at par or even better than services provided by any international company.
The services provided were completely up to my satisfaction.
The responses to all my queries were attended promptly. The replies were correct and true. At no point of time, my call was unattended or I was made to wait on phone.
Be assured, that Stellar will always be recommended by me amongst my friends and professional circle.
Thanks once again.

Rajaneesh Pandey
Director (Signs300 Distributors Private Limited)
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Namaskar,

Reference : JOB ID - DLCP16828

A Great Team Work. Wonderful Coordination at all level.
Kudos to Ms Priyanka, Ms. Nidhi, Mr. Indrasen & Mr.Faiz.
You all are Asset for an organization for its holistic growth.
Wish you all the best.

Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Good Services.