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Successful Data Recovery from Burnt Hard Drives

Stellar®  is one of the best hard drive data recovery services providers in India. We have state-of-the-art techniques and experienced data care engineers who are specialized in recovering data from burnt HDDs of all types and brands. We can recover up to 100% data from burnt hard drives and ensure complete confidentiality and safety of data throughout the recovery process. 


Power Surge

The sudden spike in the power supply may damage or burn the components of the hard drive, thus leading to data loss. If you sense smoky smell or your hard drive becomes inaccessible, immediately contact a hard drive data recovery expert who is specialized in data recovery from burnt hard drives. 


Natural Disaster

The fire as a result of natural calamity or human error may cause irreversible damage to your property and other valuable things, such as storage drives, etc. If your hard drive is damaged due to fire, you need to contact a data recovery expert who has the required expertise and infrastructure to recover the data safely. 

extensive usage

Extensive Usage

Excessive usage of the system and running high-maintenance apps and games for a prolonged period may cause overheating. This may damage or burn the hard drive, resulting in data loss. In such a case, contact Stellar® Data Recovery Services to recover your data from hard drives, safely and securely. 

burnt pcb


Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) are critical components in hard drives used to manage and control reading, writing, and other operations. Due to a surge in power supply to the hard drive, the PCB may get burnt, resulting in inaccessible data. Connect with us to recover your data from a hard drive with burnt PCB.


Data Recovery from Burnt Hard Drive with Safety and Efficacy

The hard disk drive may get damaged due to exposure to excessive heat or fire, overheating, power surge, melted Printed Circuit Board (PCB), etc. Whatever be the reason for damage, we can recover up to 100% data from your hard drive. We perform data recovery in Class 100 Clean Room lab to ensure complete safety and security of your data. 

undetected hard drive

Undetected Burnt HDD

The hard drive may fail to get recognized by the system due to exposure to fire or heat. In such circumstances, you can’t access the data stored on it. You need to contact a data care expert who has expertise and experience in recovering data from burnt hard drives. 

smoking hard drive

Smoking Hard Drive

A sudden power surge or overheating may damage the components of the hard drive. Such a situation needs immediate attention. You need to contact a credible data recovery expert who can safely recover your data from burnt hard drives.


Sluggish Drive Performance 

You may encounter slow drive performance while working. This might be the sign of burnt hard drive. Once you realize the issue, stop using the hard drive and get in touch with data recovery professionals, like Stellar® , who have state-of-the-art infrastructure to recover data from burnt HDD.


Data Recovery from All Types and Brands of Hard Drives

We have the best-in-class infrastructure and latest technology to recover data from all kinds and capacities of the burnt hard drives. We have a proven track record of recovering data from all popular brands of hard drives, such as Western Digital®, Seagate®, Samsung®, Transcend®, Toshiba®, Lenovo®, LaCie®, etc. 

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Safe and Secure Data Recovery from Burnt Hard Drives

We, at Stellar®, ensure risk-free and safe data recovery from burnt hard drives. With over 25 years of experience in data recovery domain, we have developed proprietary techniques to recover data from hard drives, damaged due to fire or any other reason. Our experienced data recovery experts stringently work as per the ISO standards to ensure 100%% privacy and safety of your data during the entire data recovery process. 

Why Choose Stellar - watch video

Why Choose Stellar® Data Recovery?    

  • India’s first and only certified “Class 100 Clean Room” lab
  • No Recovery – No Charge policy*
  • Data Recovery with utmost care and security
  • Unparalleled data recovery success rate of 80%
  • Perform 40,000+ data recovery jobs annually
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified organization


Data Recovery from Burnt Hard Drive as Per Your Needs

At times, you need your data urgently, while in certain cases, you may look for cost-effective data recovery services. Hence, we offer service plans that are tailored to suit your hard disk data recovery needs. 

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I lost data from my hard drive due to overheating. Can you recover my data?

Our experts analyze hard drives for damages caused due to overheating. They use proprietary tools and software to recover data from such hard drives. However, the success rate of data recovery from burnt hard drives largely depends on the extent of damage and the physical state of components. The best way to ascertain the success rate is to get your burnt hard drive diagnosed at an authorized service center of Stellar.

Read here the preventive measures for hard drive crashes.

Can I use data recovery software to recover data from a burnt hard drive?

No, the software will help you recover the data from the hard drive, which is burnt or not accessible. 

How can I recover data from WD HDD with burnt PCB?

As a burnt PCB of your WD HDD is a case of physical failure, you can't recover the data on your own. In such a case, seek the help of data recovery experts. They might be able to recover your data from the HDD with burnt PCB. Know more about PCB Failure.

What is the cost of burnt hard drive recovery?

The cost of burnt hard drive data recovery service depends on various factors viz. make and model of the hard drive, capacity of hard drive, the extent of damage, etc. Read here to know more about the data recovery cost. 


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