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Recover Data from All Types of Ransomware-Infected Devices 

Ransomware is as scary as it sounds. Hackers use this type of malware to lock you out of your devices and encrypt the data losses, and then demand a ransom. It could cause irreparable damage to your valuable data. If ransomware infects your computer, then contact professional data recovery experts who can decrypt and recover your files by providing ransomware recovery services.

The Indian cyber security agency has issued a warning against Royal Mail ransomware virus that attacks critical sectors like communications, healthcare, education and even individuals and seeks pay-off in Bitcoins for not leaking personal data in the public domain.

If you notice any unusual activity on your computer or laptop, such as automatic screen lock, then immediately switch it off. Doing so can stop further infection. If your data gets infected by ransomware, its recovery is still possible. Contact the nearest Stellar® Data Recovery branch. Stellar® is a professional data recovery services provider in India and can recover ransomware-infected data, irrespective of the virus type, such as WannaCry, Wallet, Locky, CTB-Locker, CryptoLocker, etc.

encrypting ransomware


Incorporated with advanced encryption algorithms, this type of ransomware is designed to block system files. It demands payment to provide the affected user with the key to decrypt the blocked content and recovering ransomware encrypted files. For example: CryptoLocker, WannaCry, Locky, CryptoWall, etc.

locker ransomware


This malware locks the users out of the OS, making it impossible for them to access the data saved on it. Here, the files are not encrypted but the ransomware still asks for a ransom note to unlock the infected device. For example: Police-themed ransomware or Win Locker.

MBR ransomware


Master Boot Record (MBR) ransomware is a type of Locker ransomware. The MBR is a section of a hard drive that enables the Operating System restore to boot up. However, when the MBR ransomware attacks the drive, the boot process fails to complete and demands payment of ransom.

royal ransomware

Royal Ransomware

Royal Ransomware, a highly sophisticated and constantly evolving malware, emerged in early 2022. In 2022, Dev-0569, the ransomware group behind Royal, carried out a significant number of ransomware attacks, earning them a place among the most prolific and dreaded ransomware campaigns of the year.


Data Recovery from Infected-Devices Irrespective of Ransomware Type

The number of ransomware families is increasing every day. We offer accurate and cost-effective data recovery solutions from ransomware-infected storage devices.



CTB-Locker encrypts the documents on your computer. It demands a ransom for decrypting the files. When you've had to give up access to your files due to a security breach that was caused by CTB-Locker ransomware, get assistance from Stellar® Professional Data Recovery Services to unlock your files and ransomware protection .

NAS Configuration issues


If you’re affected by .Onion virus, it could be a cause of worry. However, you are able to recover your data in a secure manner. The experts at Stellar® Data Recovery have a great track record of offering Dharma Onion Ransomware Removal Services. They decrypt the files using a unique method such as decryption tools or ransomware decryption service.



.Wallet File Virus, also known as Dharma Ransomware, encrypts your files data stored in the system, making the files inaccessible. If your files are compromised and you are searching for .Wallet Virus Removable Services and for windows backup, get in touch with Stellar® Data Recovery. Also know here how to remove & restore files data infected from .wallet virus


Recover Your Ransomware Virus Infected Files

We are a professional data recovery services provider and can recover your infected data from all types of ransomware families. We can recover files infected by WannaCry, Wallet, Locky, CTB, CryptoLocker, Onion, GrandCrab, Satana, Petya, Win Locker, Critroni, etc.


Secure and Confidential Data Recovery Services

Need an expert to recover severely corrupt ransomware data? Check out our Ransomware Data Recovery Services and Ransomware Recovery Software. At Stellar®, we have a highly experienced team of experts who can recover your data with safety and security.

Ransomware Recovery

World-Class Data Recovery Services

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Data Recovery Solutions As Per Your Needs

There are situations when you need your data urgently, while in some cases you may want a pocket-friendly solution. We have service delivery solutions to suit your diverse needs. 

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How can I get my Qilin ransomware-affected files back?

Our exclusive technique allows us to locate and reconstruct the impacted files in many circumstances, making the recovery of Qilin-encrypted ransomware files possible.

To ensure that the files are not corrupted and that recovery is feasible, this procedure necessitates knowledge about the impacted storage device. All of the main storage devices, including RAID systems, servers, virtual machines, databases, and storage (NAS, DAS, and SAN), are well-versed by our professionals.

Shall I pay ransom to decrypt the files that have been encrypted by ransomware?

Never pay the ransom as it does not guarantee that you will get access to your files again. Moreover, it could make you the target for more ransomware payments. Thus, take the help of ransomware removal services to decrypt the data.

Can I access my files without paying the ransom or restoring from backup?

Yes, you can access your files without paying the ransom or restoring them from backup. You can opt for software solutions or services.

What can I do to protect my system from ransomware attack?

You can do the following to protect your system from ransomware.

1. Install and use an updated antivirus.

2. Keep your software updated.

3. Avoid clicking on links or opening emails and their attachments from people or companies you don't know or do not do business with.

4. Keep a pop-up blocker running in your web-browsing applications.

5. Regularly backup your important data.

How can an email identify my IP address?

Your IP address is not hidden. It exists in the email. There are several tools available online that determine the IP address.

How to respond to a ransomware attack?

Immediately disable internet connectivity from all servers or PCs to ensure there is no further encryption of data. If the ransomware is associated with a time limit, then set the BIOS clock back. You can also reach out to Stellar Data Recovery Experts.


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