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Stellar Data Recovery software for Windows – FREE Version is entry level software. This version of Windows data recovery software can recover up to 1 GB data absolutely free of cost. Free data recovery software is quick to download, fast to install, easy to scan and seamless interface of software helps you recover data from all kinds of data loss situations.

Stellar Data Recovery Software


Now you can restore your deleted files for free with the help of our data recovery software. Software recovered data in 3 simple easy steps, ‘Select’, ‘Scan’, and ‘Recover’. Though being simple and effective, this software allows you to recover up to 1 GB of lost or deleted files and folders for free.

Top Rated Windows Data Recovery Software
Our Reviews Speak Louder Than Words

Our Windows Data Recovery software has been reviewed and awarded by many internationally acclaimed reviewers and magazines. Read what PC Mag, TechRadar, PC QUEST has to say about our software.

Special features available in
Stellar FREE data recovery software


Use this Free data recovery tool to recover ideally any type of file. It supports recovery of document, video, audio, and other files irrespective of their file extension/type.

  • Recovers all the major file types
  • Recovers files, folders, photos, videos & much more
  • Allows addition of file formats for recovery

Recovers Data from All Types of Storage Media

The software can be installed on a Windows PC to recover data from its internal hard drive or an external device supported by your Windows system.

  • Recovers data from Windows internal HDD or SSD
  • Supports external storage media like pen drives, SD cards, etc.
  • Facilitates data recovery from RAW drive volumes

Now Recovers Data for Free

Now it’s very simple and easy to recovery data for free by using this software. FREE data recovery software is preferable solution if you are looking to recover small amount of data like single document file, some images, video etc. Download, install, select, scan and recover your lost, deleted data. Please note that only files with size upto 25 Mb are allowed to be recovered in free version of software.

Recovery from Corrupt Drives

Deep scan feature of this software can recover data even from corrupted or RAW drives. This feature allows file signature based recovery with which the software reads each sector on drive because of which it can easily recover data from corrupted drives.

Recovers Data from Encrypted Drives

If you’ve lost data on an encrypted drive, Stellar data recovery tool is the rescue. This software can read data from the drives that you may have encrypted. It also recovers data from Self Encrypting Drives (SEDs).

Preview the Recoverable Files

Stellar Data Recovery software has a “Preview” feature by using which you can preview the files fetched by the software after scanning the drive. This helps you decide if you want to save a recoverable file, or skip saving it.

Upgrade your free data recovery software
and recover unlimited data

Free data recovery software can only recover limited data. You can now upgrade free recovery software to license version and enjoy unlimited data recovery from your computer. Now this software is also available in 1 month license starting from Rs 2,799. This is special offering for Indian customers.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Software
Product Features





Price Free ` 2,799 ` 3,499 ` 3,999
Data Recovery Upto 1GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Recovery of lost/deleted files and folders Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data recovery from formatted drives Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recovery of deleted email data files (PST, DBX, NSF, EDB, etc.) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recovery of deleted MS Office files (Excel, Word, etc.) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Recovery of deleted photos, videos & audio files. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scan now and recover later Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data recovery from RAW drives Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data recovery from BitLocker-encrypted partitions New Yes Yes Yes Yes
Data recovery from lost partitions Yes Yes
Allows to Create Disk Image Yes Yes
Recovers any (unlimited) file formats Yes Yes
Monitors hard drive health Yes Yes
Repairs corrupt or distorted videos Yes
Repairs corrupt or distorted photos Yes
Extracts thumbnails of corrupt images Yes
* Free download to scan and preview your lost or deleted data.

Customer Reviews


Can I recover files deleted a long time ago?

Yes you can recover the files deleted long time ago, unless they’re overwritten by new data. The software recovers deleted files irrespective of the time or date on which they were deleted.

Why am I unable to see the preview of some files?

Preview is available for all the major file formats. But you’d not be able to preview a file whose file format is not supported. Also, you’d be unable to see the preview if the file is corrupt.

What is difference between free version and paid version of the data recovery software?

Refer the table given below to know the difference between free version and paid version of the software:

Free Version of the Software Paid Version of the Software
Recovers up to 1 GB data for free Unlimited amount of data can be recovered
Individual files exceeding 25 MB are skipped during recovery All the files are recovered irrespective of their individual sizes
No technical support is available Free technical support is provided
How do I upgrade from free version?

To upgrade and unlock more features, you’d need to activate the software.

Do I get technical support with free version of Stellar Data Recovery software?

Technical support is only provided with paid version of the software.

How much time does it take to recover data by using Windows Data Recovery software?

The time taken to recover data depends upon the type, capacity, and the amount of data stored on the drive/volume from which you want to recover data. However, while you scan the drive you can see the scan progress and get to know the “Time left” for scanning. Know more about stellar windows data recovery software scan time.

Other Data Recovery solution by Stellar

In simple data loss situations like deletion of files, formatting of drives, shift+del file or files removed from recycle bin etc, data recovery is possible with our free data recovery software. However if data loss situation is complex, software may not be able to recover your data. In all such cases you can always take professional help in recovering your important data. Stellar offers following professional data recovery services solution to customers in India.

Remote/Online Data Recovery

Remote/Online Data Recovery

Get back your data online now. We provide online data recovery service In some cases where data loss reason is logical And your storage media is detecting in your System.

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IN – lab Data Recovery

IN – lab Data Recovery

You need IN- Lab services when your storage media is not getting detected in system, and data loss reason is Physical. In all such cases our technician will perform data recovery in our CLASS 100 clean room lab.

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