Why Stellar

Stellar is the ONLY focused data recovery company in India with expertise of more than 22 years. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified and a leading provider of advanced data recovery services and software. With rich experience in data recovery, advanced recovery techniques, skilled engineers and state of the art infrastructure, Stellar provides the best possible services to its customers.

Get your data recovered from the best men on job...

No Recovery No charge Policy: Stellar takes confidence of its customers in high moral and follows a policy of “No Recovery – No Charge*”. If we do not recover your data – we do not charge.

*You need to pay analysis charges only.

Success rate up-to 100%: By employing the best tools, technology and talent in the industry for years, Stellar has achieved up to 100% success rate in almost all instances of data loss. At Stellar, we ensure fast, efficient and secure data recovery from simple to the most complicated data loss situations irrespective of data storage media and other hardware/ software limitations.

Fastest Turnaround time: Stellar has in-house R & D team, indigenously developed tools & Techniques, expert data recovery engineers and a vast inventory of hard drives that enables solution of all data recovery problems under one roof and ensures Fastest Turnaround time.

Research & Development:

Stellar takes the credit of having one of the largest team of R & D professionals (60) engaged by a single data recovery company. Dedicated R & D engineers at Stellar observe, analyze and research on new technologies to invent wide range of data recovery solutions on the latest platforms.

Advanced Data Recovery & Safety software:

Alongside innovative data recovery services, Stellar is a leading developer of advanced data recovery, data safety and eraser software. With a huge range of data recovery software, Stellar ensures completely risk-free recovery of your vital data. Stellar has also developed many data safety software to help you safe-guard your data and warn you against impending hardware issues leading to possible data loss. With powerful wiping applications, Stellar enables users to permanently erase the unwanted data, beyond recovery.

State of the art Infrastructure:

Stellar houses the best In-class infrastructure to handle data recovery jobs quite efficiently to ensure maximum possible recovery. Stellar possesses advanced Clean Rooms of approx. 400 m2 lab space.

On-line & Voice based Technical Support for Software:

Stellar is the ONLY data recovery company in India to have a 24*5 online & voice based technical support for software. Only at Stellar, you can receive an immediate reply of your queries and concerns.

Stellar ensures the best recovery services with:

  • 100+ self-developed data recovery software.
  • In-house R & D team comprising of more than 60 expert hardware/software engineers to invent efficient recovery tools and techniques.
  • 39 skilled data recovery engineers.
  • Scientific environment of Class 100 Clean Room labs.
  • Vast inventory of more than 10,000 hard drive parts.
  • Specialized recovery capabilities: Hard drive recovery, RAID recovery, Flash recovery, Photo recovery, Database recovery, Server recovery services and more.


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