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How to recover your Deleted Photo?

Lost your memorable photos, images and unable to access them? Don't worry! Stellar Data Recovery ensures 100% recovery of your deleted photos, party photos, wedding photos, family photos, and other types of photographs irrespective of the cause of inaccessibility.

Here are the solutions we offer for photo recovery:

Photo Recovery Service

Not sure how to use our photo recovery software, or you want professional help for photo recovery - Try our professional services. Our Experts can repair and recover your photos.

Photos can be recovered with the help of our professional service in the following cases

  • Physical damage to your photo storage device
  • Your memory card/SD card is not detecting in your computer or laptop
  • Broken Memory card/ SD card
  • SD Card Not Detected in PC, Mobile and Cameras

Stellar Data Recovery ensures 100% recovery of your deleted photos irrespective of the cause of inaccessibility. Our service Advantage

  • Photo Recovery from all kind of data loss situations
  • Data security & privacy ensured
  • 100% safe and secure services
  • Recovering data since 1993
  • 50,000+ service jobs every year
  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data Recovery Company
  • No Recovery, No Charge*
  • Class 100 Clean Room Labs Facility
Photo Recovery Service

Photo Recovery Service Cost

Photo recovery service cost can be estimated only after complete analysis of the affected storage device. We need to have your device to evaluate the condition and then only we can confirm photo recovery cost. The data recovery cost depends upon the following key parameters:

  • Device condition – working or not?
  • What kind of damage your media has suffered?
  • Device data storage capacity

You need to submit your device in our data recovery centre for analysis. After a complete analysis, we can confirm the following:

  • Photo Recovery possibility
  • Time estimate to recover Photos
  • Exact Photo Recovery Cost
1800-102-3232 Request a Call Back

DIY Photo Recovery Software

Do you wish to get back your lost memories in the form of pictures, video clips, or sound recordings? Trust the Stellar Photo Recovery and utilise its powerful features to recover your digital photos. Simple photo loss cases can be easily recovered with the help of our Stellar Photo Recovery Software in the following cases:

  • Deleted Photos
  • Corrupted photos
  • Formatted photos
  • Encrypted photos

Stellar Photo recovery software can recover any type of file e.g. .jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff, .psd and other photo formats. This is one of the most advanced photo recovery tool available to recover your deleted photos. Photo Recovery software is available for Windows & Mac operating system.

Stellar Data Recovery DIY Software

Photo Recovery Software Cost

A robust application that will help you recover photos from a potential disaster. It not only recovers, but also repairs corrupted videos from camcorders, Go-PRO, and Drones... And fixes corrupted, distorted images in JPEG/JPG file format. Photo Recovery Software offers photo recovery solutions from all types of storage media devices.

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* Download the free trial version to scan & preview your deleted photos.

Tips to Increase the Success Rate of Photo Recovery
Corrupt Images

Corrupt Images

Corrupt images can occur due to various reasons such as sudden removal of pen drive. In this case, we recommend only authorized software use to avoid further damage.

Deleted Images

Deleted Images

If you have accidentally deleted the images, it can be restored. However, formatting or writing new data to the drive can overwrite previous data, which will make photo recovery impossible.

Crashed Device

Crashed Device

If your storage device has crashed suddenly, only take action according to crash reason. If there is physical damage, recovering photos on your own is not possible.

Virus Infected Images

Virus Infected Images

Malware can enter your storage media and ruin your images. For such scenarios, prefer utilizing professional Stellar Data Recovery services for efficient retrieval.


What are the most common causes of photo loss?

Most common Photo loss scenarios that user face are

  • Due to corrupted memory card/ SD card
  • Human error - Mishandling of photo storage device
  • Photo file format change
  • Formatted memory card/SD card
  • Physical damage to photo storage device e.g. Broken memory card/ SD card

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Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 I feel happy to recovering my data’s and they are doing well professional job.
They were very nice spoken and we're able to recover all my data in only 4-5 days. Staff is very supportive, they've collected my memory card from doorstep and also handed over my card at doorstep with clean packing.
tried to install a pirated software and ended up in a miserable data loss.It is all gone in a matter of minutes. The drive had all my personal photographs including all the precious childhood photos of my kids. I'm a blogger. All the related files were also lost.I started to search internet for remedies. Understood that the virus is a new and deadly one. No remedies found. There are some work arounds suggested over the internet. But none of them guarantees the data.I worried. I cried. Then with no options left, I have dialled few data recovery partners. The first one of them is Stellar. They asked me to pay Rs.850 for initial analysis. Surprisingly they arranged a free pick up of my card. In the mean while, I have also inquired with other data recovery operators. But everyone said that they will not work on ransomware and it is almost impossible to recover data from ransomware.In the process, I spoke to a the representative of Stellar, He is a eye opener. He patiently explained about ransomware and explained the overview of recovery process. His words gave me some hope.Inquired about some of my friends and referred google reviews about stellar. Received good reviews from almost everyone, but everyone alerted me that they are expensive. This worried me again. Yes the data is important for me. After analysing my card, they have done a professional job.
Thank you guys for the support
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 My card crashed with every important data it had in it. I got this name from my fellow photographers. I talked with Ankita Mukherjee and she advised me to give it to them as soon as possible. After submitting it, whenever I called, she attended me with patience. I got my data back within 8 days. I got help from Shashi Sharma who was my data analyst, thanks to her for helping me with it. It was a great experience.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Unimaginative service. Great.
Recovery from a dead Memory card.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Excellent Services !!
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Thanks a lot for your quick response and perfect solution to our query and it was a good experience.