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Dell Portable Hard Drives

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Dell External Hard drives

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Dell SSD Storage

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Dell Enterprise Hard drives

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Data Recovery from Dell Hard Drives in All Types of Data Loss Situation

Stellar Benefits

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Stellar Benefits

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Stellar is recovering data since 1993, which shows its immense experience in data recovery domain. We’ve grown not just by time but with proven data recovery capabilities. We can recover data from all the models of Dell Hard Drives with up to 100% rate of recovery. This has been made possible because of our skilled technicians and world-class infrastructure. Moreover, we adhere to International standards to maintain privacy of your data. Therefore, Stellar is amongst the best hard drive recovery service provider.

Dell Hard Drive Recovery Services

In case you’ve lost data from your Dell laptop or hard drive—due to physical damages, virus attack, etc., or because it’s not getting detected—get the help of our Professional Data Recovery services. Our experts will be able to recover the deleted or lost data from your external or internal Dell hard drive.

To maximize the chances of data recovery from your Dell hard drive, you must reach out to data recovery experts. This prevents further damages and permanent data loss.

Some of the common Dell hard drive recovery cases that our experts handle are:

  • Dell laptop not detecting the hard drive
  • Data deleted or hard drive formatted
  • Physically crashed hard drive
  • Dell hard drive data got corrupt
  • Burnt Dell hard drive
  • Water damaged hard drive
  • Dell hard drive making unusual noises.
  • Drive has bad sectors.

Stellar Hard Drive Recovery service assures up to 100% data recovery from your Dell hard drive.


Don’t use the drive after data loss – You must stop using your Dell hard drive if you’ve lost data or observed any unusual behavior. Your lost data might get overwritten with new data if you continue to use it. If your hard drive shows unusual behavior, you must stop using it immediately. Continuing to use a strangely behaving hard drive might be catastrophic. In both these cases, you might lose data permanently.

Don’t use hit-and-trial methods – Using hit-and-trial methods such as dismantling the drive to repair it on your own and recover data, trying untrusted data recovery software, etc. is a common mistake. Using hit-and-trial methods involves a risk of data overwriting or physical damages. Doing this may result in permanent data loss.

Handle the drive carefully – As hard drives are delicate, they might get damaged by jerks and falls resulting in data loss. Therefore, they must be handled carefully. This helps in preventing any further damages and hence helps in delivering up to 100% recovery of data from your Dell hard drive.

Our Dell Hard Drive Data Recovery Service Advantages

  • ISO 9001:2015-QMS & ISO 27001:2013-ISMS certified Data Recovery Service provider
  • 10% discount on your data recovery from Dell hard drive.
  • No Recovery - No Charge* policy.
  • Free consultation on data recovery - Call our Toll Free no. 1800-102-3232 to get more information about our data recovery process
  • Top rated data recovery service provider in India
  • 95% of data recovery success rate
  • Choice of data recovery solutions - data recovery software and In-Lab Data Recovery Services.
  • Online data verification through team viewer.
  • Risk free data recovery. No obligation quote after assessment.
  • 100% safe and secure data recovery.
  • Class 100 Clean Room Facility.
  • Trusted data recovery services for all kind of Dell hard drives
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Can I Recover Deleted Files on Dell Laptop?

Yes, you can try with data recovery software recover deleted files on your Dell laptop.

Dell laptop is showing blue screen of death error, how can I recover my data?

Blue screen error may occur due to hardware and software issues. If you're sure that the error has occurred due to physical failure of your Dell hard drive, you must not try to recover data on your own, as it may cause further damage and permanent data loss. It's highly recommended to seek professional help for data recovery from physically failed hard drives. Read more about Blue Screen of Death Error.

What is Dell Error 2000-0142? Can I fix it?

The error 2000-0142 is a Dell diagnostics error that occurs after you do a Pre-boot System Analysis (PSA) of your Dell hard drive. This is a potential indicator of your Dell hard drive failure. You can try to fix this error by following this article.
If you're unable to fix it, you must not use hit-and-trial methods and, instead, contact a data recovery expert.

My Dell hard drive is crashed, can I recover the data?

Yes, you can recover data from crashed Dell hard drive. However, the recovery procedure in this case is complex, which might involve opening up the hard drive and replacement of components such as head assembly. Data recovery in case of crashed hard drives also necessitates a controlled lab environment (Class 100 clean room) to avoid damage to the drive platter due to invisible particulate matter. So, it is advised to seek help of a professional data recovery services provider to maximize the chances of successful data recovery in case of crashed hard drive.

How to check the warranty of Dell hard drive?

Simply enter the Dell Service Tag or Dell EMC Product ID on Warranty and Contracts page. Alternatively, you can choose to click Detect PC button for the same.

Follow the link given below to open Warranty and Contracts page and check the warranty of your Dell hard drive.

I’ve lost data due to my faulty Dell hard drive. What process should I follow to recover data and claim a replacement of my Dell hard drive?

Most of the hard drive manufacturers don’t offer data recovery services. But they might give a replacement of your hard drive if you’re able to justify your claim and your hard drive’s warranty hasn’t expired.

Here’s how you can proceed for data recovery and get a replacement for your faulty Dell hard drive:

  1. Get documented approval from Dell for data recovery
  2. Seek the help of Stellar data recovery services to recover data
  3. Submit your faulty Dell hard drive along with the data recovery certificate provided by Stellar.

To get more details about this, click here.

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Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Stellar India helped me a lot to recover my Hard disk data. They are doing the best job in the market. I always preferred stellar India first. Even when I moved to a different organization I use to recommend stellar India. The way he gives safe data, recovery accuracy, In time pickup, and data delivery, are amazing. Really I liked it. Mr. Narasimha helped me a lot in these 15 years' journey.
Stellar Customer
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Overall experience with Stellar Info was good. They were very cooperative and helpful at each point.
Even though I received the data late but at each stage they responded and updated about the progress of the data retrieval which was of great help.
They were able to retrieve 100% of the data.
I would like to give a big thank you to Malashree and Narasimha.
Malashree really coordinated well and was always very patient and understanding.
Also Mr Narasimha was very co-operative he came all the way and delivered the Hard disk to my residential address during this pandemic situation. He promptly explained everything and was quite patient in explaining the queries.

Thanks to Stellar team for all the hard work and I will surely recommend your services.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 100% Data Recovered in Couple of Days. I Think in terms of Data Recovery STELLAR is the best. I will recommend to family & friends if they ever need any kind of data recovery, and Sabita Barik maam is very co-operative.
Stellar Customer
4 Star Rating Icon 4/5 I am very satisfied with the Remote data recovery services of Stellar. Specially pallavi for good guidance.