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IBM Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)

IBM Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment (PATA)



IBM Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)

IBM Small Computer System Interface (SCSI)

IBM Solid State Drives (SSD)

IBM Solid State Drives (SSD)

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Data recovery from IBM hard drives in all data loss situations

Stellar Benefits

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Stellar Benefits

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Stellar is known worldwide for its industry-leading data recovery solutions. We at Stellar have been recovering data since 1993, with a proven track record of more than 26 years in data recovery domain. Our skilled technicians deliver up to 100% data recovery from all the types and models of IBM hard drive including IBM Deskstar. We have world-class infrastructure to assure risk-free data recovery. Moreover, we adhere to the International standards and practices to assure privacy of your data. Hence, Stellar is one of the leading IBM hard drive recovery service providers in the world.

IBM Hard Drive Recovery Services

Data loss from your IBM hard drive can be caused by various reasons such as physical damage, natural disasters, virus attack, overheated drive, firmware corruption, etc. Situations such as system unable to boot, IBM hard drive not getting detected, etc. could be the other causes of data loss. If you’ve lost data from your IBM hard drive for any reason, you can seek the help of our Professional Data Recovery services to recover your data. Our experts can recover up to 100% data from external or internal IBM hard drives.

You must reach out to a data recovery expert in the first place to maximize the chances of recovery from your IBM hard drive.

Here are some of the common IBM hard drive data recovery cases that our experts handle:

  • IBM hard drive not getting detected
  • Formatted drive
  • Data deleted from hard drive
  • Physically crashed IBM drive
  • Corrupt drive
  • Burnt IBM hard drive
  • Water damaged drive
  • IBM hard drive making unusual noises
  • Drive has bad sectors


Stop using your IBM hard drive – If you’ve lost data, you must stop using your IBM hard drive. The lost data might get overwritten by new data with continued usage. Also, a physically failing hard drive might get damaged further with continued usage and you might lose the data permanently.

Don’t use hit-and-trial methods – Use of hit-and-trial methods such as trying data recovery software, dismantling the drive to repair it on your own in an attempt to recover data, etc. may prove to be devastating. Doing this exposes you to a risk of data overwriting or physical damages, resulting in permanent data loss.

Be careful while handling the drive – Hard drives are delicate and are prone to physical damages. You must handle them carefully. Falls and jerks might cause physical damages to them, leading to permanent data loss. Handling your drive carefully would prevent any further damages, and help you in getting up to 100% recovery of data from your IBM hard drive.


What are the charges for performing data recovery from IBM hard drives?

The cost of hard drive data recovery service depends upon various factors such as extent & type of damage, capacity of hard drive, make and model of the hard drive, etc.

My IBM hard drive is not functioning. Can I recover data from it?

Yes, you can recover data from your IBM hard drive that isn't working by seeking the help of Stellar Data Recovery Service.

Can I choose to recover specific files and folders from IBM hard drive?

Yes, both Stellar data recovery services and software offer users the choice of recovering specific files and folders. Our data recovery software, used for recovery in logical data loss situations, allows recovery of all or user-specified data. Likewise, Stellar data recovery services also offer the flexibility of requesting recovery of specific data.

Can I recover data from burned IBM hard drive?

As a burnt hard drive is a case of physical failure, you can't recover data in such a case on your own. You'd need to seek the help of a data recovery expert in such a case.

Is it mandatory to recover data in class 100 clean room?

Yes, class 100 clean room is a must for recovery from physically failed drives when data recovery isn’t possible by using a data recovery software. Recovery from such cases requires dismantling the drive, which must be done in a class 100 clean room lab so that the platter doesn’t get damaged by air particulates.

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Amid COVID-19 pandemic, Stellar® Data Recovery lab and recovery services are fully operational to serve your needs. You can avail our Online Remote Data Recovery Service. Stellar® encourages you to avail our free courier pick up service to submit your damaged media devices for data recovery