Consumer Program

Stellar Consumer Program is developed keeping in mind the "Data Recovery" requirements of individuals/ home users and small offices.

Consumer Program is a need based solutions which is offered by Stellar for your data recovery needs. You avail it when you face "Data Loss Situation".

In the panic situation of data loss, it is of prime importance to get the data recovered in minimum turnaround time and within reasonable price range.

Stellar offers the widest range of "Data Recovery Service" and "Data Recovery Software"

Selection of best suitable option of Product/ Service depends on

  • Data you want to recover (office files, documents, database files, e-mails etc.).
  • Value of the data to you (Is it a personal data / business critical data).
  • Your technical know-how (Can you use data recovery software to recover your data / you depend on service provider).

Data Recovery Software are most suitable for

  • Price-sensitive customers with a limited number of files to recover.
  • Logical data loss situation such as virus attack, file deletion, file corruption, loss of password, operating system crash etc. and there is no physical damage to the media.

Data Recovery Services are most suitable for

  • Customers who have no IT skills and want to ensure the success of the recovery by expert data recovery professionals.
  • Physical data loss situation such as mechanical failure of hard drive, hard drive is making clicking/ grinding sound, physical damage to hard drive components, firmware problem etc. due to which media is not accessible.

Standard Service Offerings

Standard Offering is need based (on occurrence of media crash) and offered to Individuals, SME, Government and Corporate.

With Standard Offerings, clients get

  • FREE media assessment for Desktop/Laptop media in 1 business day.
  • Logical recovery in 3 working days.
  • Logical Cum Physical recovery in 6 working days.
  • Physical recovery in 6 working days.

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