Service Plans

At Stellar, we have devised different service plans to suit to the specific requirements of individuals, SMEs, large corporate and Govt. organizations.

Service Options

  • Standard Offerings
  • Contractual Offerings

Standard Offerings

Standard Offering is need based (on occurrence of media crash) and offered to everyone such as Individuals, SME, Government, Corporate etc.

With Standard Offerings, clients get

  • FREE media assessment (For corporate clients) for Desktop/Laptop media in 1 business day.
    (* Rs. 699/- are applicable for individual clients.)
  • Logical recovery in maximum 3 working days.
  • Logical Cum Physical recovery in maximum 1-3 weeks.
  • Physical recovery in maximum 1-3 weeks.
  • Maximum data recovery results in minimum turnaround time ensuring data safety and data security.

For Priority Service Option Call Your Nearest Data Recovery Lab.

Contractual Offerings

PSU and Corporate can enter into a contract with us for their future data recovery needs.

Contractual offering is "Pre-defined arrangement for all your future data recovery needs".

Benefits of Contractual Service Option?

As a Corporate/ PSU you may have multiple office locations, huge IT set-up, strict business processes to be followed for getting things done and customer’s dead-lines. So one cannot afford to lose a single work hour because of unavailability of real-time business data – lose of which may cause millions of rupees.

In the panic hour of data loss – it is most important that you get the data recovery services promptly so that business operations will not stop for long hours and you will not incur huge financial losses.

Stellar’s contractual service options give you benefits of quick & standardized quality services at multiple locations* with "no hassles".

With contractual offering, clients get

  • Discounted Pricing.
  • FREE Media Pick & Drop facility by local Stellar office.
  • FREE media assessment for Desktop/Laptop media in 1 business day.
  • Logical recovery in 3 working days.
  • Logical Cum Physical recovery in 1-3 weeks.
    * Data Recovery time is subject to change if technical need arises.
  • Physical recovery in 1-3 weeks.
  • Credit facility.
  • Maximum data recovery results in minimum turnaround time ensuring data safety and data security.

Pre-defined Rates & Terms When you enter into contract with Stellar, you get pre-defined -discounted rates, service terms, payment terms etc. and signed NDA* which is valid for 12 months. So during the contract period you always receive standard services with less turnaround time. When data loss occurs, you just need to send media pick-up request to Stellar. No hassles of searching for service provider, ask for multiple quotations, review service terms again and again or signing NDA with different vendors. Stellar contractual service option leaves you free from seeking multiple approvals you need to avail (as per your business process) before seeking services. No hassles at the time of panic situation.

*NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) assures 100% data security and data safety each time, every time at each step of data recovery process.

Data Recovery Services at multiple locations If you have presence in PAN India, Stellar serves you at 15 locations across India. You can send your crashed media to any of the Stellar branches and get the quality services every time.

Quick Services: Stellar provides data recovery services in pre-defined time which is always less than the standard service offering time* (*depends on status of media)

Easy Payment Terms You pay as per agreed terms. You can select centralized/ decentralized billing, monthly/ per service payment options etc. for easy processing.

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Stellar Data Recovery Process

During the initial consultation, Our data recovery experts will take down your case details

Step 1

Media device door step pick up

Pick up
Step 2

Media device analysis & consultation

Hard disk analysis
Step 3


Data recovery Process
Step 4


Data Verification
Step 5

Fee Payment

Recovery Fee payment
Step 6

Media device
hand over

Hard disk handover

Why Stellar?

Trusted Data Recovery - Stellar

Stellar is the Only focused data recovery company in india with an expertise of more than 20 years

Certified Professionals - Stellar

One of the largest team of R&D professionals engaged by a single data recovery company

Class Clean Room Labs - Stellar

Best in class infrastructure available to handle data recovery jobs, Approx 400 m2 of Class 100 Clean Room lab space.

Technical Support - Stellar

Is the ONLY data recovery company in india to have a 24*5 online & voice based technical support.

No Data - No Charge - Stellar

No Recovery - No Charge policy

At Stellar We Help You Recover Your Business Call your nearest Lab