Lost all your Server data due to a natural disaster and your disaster data recovery plan failed? We get your Data Back even when your disaster recovery plan fails.

Creating disaster data recovery plans is more complex as compared to normal data recovery plans. It needs to be reviewed and tested within your organization to ensure it will work when the time comes. If your back up data is not properly verified and a disaster strikes your business, then your server may get corrupt or damaged, ultimately leading to loss of all your important data. In such a situation, you need professional data recovery services to recover your data.

Stellar Data Recovery is a recognized data recovery service provider & we ensures quick recovery of critical data lost due to a natural disaster (flood, tsunami, earthquake, etc.) in minimal time. We provide flexible & cost effective professional data recovery solution that can recover data from cloud-based as well as traditional offsite media storage devices like Servers, RAIDs etc.

Certified & Secure Data Recovery Service

Stellar Data Recovery is the only data recovery service provider in India, certified with IS0 9001-27001 standard containing the requirements for Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISO 9001-27001 certification has been awarded on successful completion of a formal external audit of Stellar's ISMS.

We have the necessary policies, procedures and framework in place to securely handle its' customers' data while maintaining security, confidentiality and privacy. ISO 9001-27001 is considered to be the most recognized international standard for information security best practices which works with an aim to minimize risk of data breach and ensure business continuity.

Data security features which Stellar Data Recovery provides to you:

authorized experts

Only authorized data recovery experts have access ( controlled by biometric access) to the data on the storage device.

certified network

The data recovered by us is stored temporarily on our certified secure network until it is verified by the customer, and even no one from Stellar is authorized to view customer's recovered data

Skilled team

In house Research & Development team, (80+ Engineers 60+ Lab technicians), proprietary data recovery software

encrypted file solution

We offer Custom recovery solutions for all encrypted files and drives

data erasure

Ensures certified & secure data wiping after data delivery to customers through BitRaser, which comply with mandatory compliance ( HIPPA, PCI, FCRA, SOC etc.)

ISO 9001

Meets Information security & management service (ISMS) data privacy and data security requirements.


Data base recovery & Database repair solutions are available

Data protection

Data is protected during transit

Data Security

Chain of safekeeping protocols ensure the integrity and security of data from point-of-receipt to point-of-departure

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We know that time is precious to any business operations, therefore, we offer different service options to recover your important data, which is required for business countinuity.
Standard Services


(5-7 business days)

Priority Service


(2-5 business days)

Our Data Recovery Service Has a Good Track Record

We offer the best possible solution to recovery your data at a minimum cost & within a short duration.

Hard drive recovery
30,000+ Hard drive recoveries/year
2 million + customer
2 million+
2 million + customer worldwide
15 Branches across
Recovering Data since 1993
Recovering Data
since 1993
WHY Stellar Data Recovery Service?

Our Disaster Data Recovery service is flexible, cost effective and tailored to your company's need. If your storage device is physically damaged, then it is recommended that you should open this only in CLASS 100 Clean Room environment. Clean room is recommended environment to open any storage device by manufacturers, as this ensures that maximum data can be done. We've some other data recovery solutions as well

Class 100 clean room

Data Recovery in a CLASS 100 Clean Room

Remote recovery

Data Recovery

On site data recovery

Data Recovery

Data Recovery

Customer Support

Media Pick up

From All Media Devices Prompt Response Media Pickup & delivery
Secure & Confidential 24*6 Media device Tracking
Fastest Data Recovery Centralized Helpline Number No Misplaced or Lost Packages
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