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Stellar hard drive data recovery service can restore any kind of data loss from hard drive or external hard drive irrespective of data loss reasons. We offer remote/online and IN-Lab data recovery for Hard Drive Data Recovery.

Remote/Online Data Recovery

Remote/Online Data Recovery

Get back your hard drive data online now. We provide online data recovery service In some cases where data loss reason is logical and your hard drive is getting in your system.

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IN – lab Data Recovery

IN – lab Data Recovery

You need IN- Lab services when your hard drive is not getting in your system, and data loss reason is Physical. In all such cases our technician will perform data recovery in our CLASS 100 clean room lab.

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If you’ve lost important data from internal or external HDD due to formatting, deletion, virus attack, physical damage, etc. Or your hard drive has crashed, resulting in the loss of your precious data. In such situations, Stellar’s Professional Data Recovery Service is there to help you in recovering your important data. We, at Stellar, assure up to 100% recovery of your data from all types of Hard Drives, irrespective of the data loss situations.

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The cost of HDD data recovery service can be ascertained after complete analysis of the affected hard drive. The cost of data recovery is based upon the following key parameters:

  • Data storage capacity of hard drive
  • Complexity & root cause of data loss situation
  • Make and model of HDD
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If you’ve lost data from your HDD due to virus attack, formatting, deletion, etc., stop using the drive immediately to avoid overwriting and hence permanent data loss.



Don’t try to repair your physically crashed internal or external HDD on your own. This might worsen the situation and result in permanent data loss.



Storage disks are delicate. In case of physical damage, you must handle the drive carefully to prevent further damages.



If you’ve lost data from your hard drive, consult Stellar Data Recovery Service for free to prevent permanent data loss.


How do I know that my hard drive has failed?

Following are the symptoms of failed hard disk:

  • Hard disk is undetectable or not recognized by the system.
  • The system fails to boot or hang in middle of the booting process.
  • System BIOS is unable to detect the hard drive.
  • Hard Drive isn't spinning.
What are the symptoms of a failing HDD?

Given below are some of the symptoms of a failing hard drive:

  • Clicking sound or unusual noise produced by HDD.
  • Files are missing.
  • Locking up during the boot process - hard disk problems are indicated if this happens frequently.
  • The computer often freezes, and needs forced restart.
  • System shows sluggish performance. You can't speed up computer performance even by applying optimization tricks.
  • Increase in the number of bad sectors noted when running "chkdsk" command.
  • Hard disk getting overheated.

If you observe these symptoms, you must stop using the drive to prevent further damage and contact a data recovery expert.

What are the reasons for my system's hard drive failure?

Some common reasons for hard disk failure are:

  • Overheating of HDD
  • Virus attack
  • Bad sectors
  • Adverse environmental conditions—dust, heat, moisture
  • Jerks and falls
How to verify the type of hard drive failure?

Physical Hard Disk failure: - As the name suggests any kind of physical damage to the hard disk can make it nonfunctional. Given below are the symptoms of a physically failed or failing HDD:

  • Computer not detecting the Hard disk
  • Drive not spinning (no power)
  • An abnormal ticking noise whilst the drive is reading data
  • A loud clicking or grinding noise

You must not try to recover data on your own in case the drive is physically crashed. It needs expertise and specialized resources to recover data from a physically crashed disk

Logical Hard disk Failure: - A drive is said to have logical failure if its firmware or file system gets corrupted. Symptoms of logical failure of HDD are:

  • Computer BIOS see hard disk drive but the data is not accessible.
  • Data couldn't be accessed.
  • Files are missing.
My hard drive has bad sectors, how to fix it?

It’s recommended to replace the HDD if it has a lot of bad sectors as it may lead to HDD failure. You can run CHKDSK command from command prompt which reallocates bad sectors so that the data that you store the next time isn’t stored on those bad sectors. Running CHKDSK might result in permanent data loss as the command “marks” bad sectors. Once “marked” data could never be read/written from those sectors. Means, any data stored on sectors marked by CHKDSK would be permanently gone.

If your hard drive has bad sectors and you’ve lost data, consult a data recovery professional to recover you precious data.

How to recover data from crashed hard disk?

It’s best to contact a Professional Data Recovery Service provider in case of a crashed hard disk. Using hit-and-trial methods to recover data from a crashed hard drive might result in permanent data loss.

My external hard disk fell down. Now, I am not able to access it. How can I recover my data?

Hard disks are fragile. Jerks and falls may cause damage to hard drive components such as platters, read/write arm, spindle, etc. To recover data from a damaged hard drive, you need to contact a data recovery expert.

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Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 I am very impressed with the services. I was worried about losing my data but Stellar helped me out. Your customer service executive Vandana was prompt in keeping me updated.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 I am very Happy with data recovery service. Sasi Misra, Ankita, sumon very help full with communication and service responsibility and the technicians who done the recovery service, I am very thankfull to them.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 At the end of March’20 when we are all locked up suddenly my external hard disc stopped functioning. Though this 2TB had more than 650 GB data in different formats I got mad because I was using this as main storage for my work place. Due to carelessness I have no backup, stared searching the way to recover my lost data. Luckily on net search got the name of Stellar Data recovery.
I called Stellar Informatics Technology Private Limited at Kolkata. A pleasant voice wanted to know the actual incident sequentially. She assured that the problem can be checked online and try to recover remotely. But connectivity was poor at my end so I am scared. She advised me not to connect the drive any more that may cause data loss. But her voice and way of confidence make mind cool, decided not to go anywhere, stick to the company. I shall visit office personally when the current lock down pandemic situation improves.
On 4th June I visited Kolkata office. It was a great experience from smiling courteous front office to sanitization care. Ms. Srabani Chatterjee, Service Manager-Domestic Business interacted personally and guides me the best way to solve my problem. She gave me regular feedback about the progress. Finally I got back my data full loaded in a new hard disk on 8th June’20. I am extremely happy with the service.
But I have a suggestion to corporate that the WD Elements 1TB hard disc sold by you may be provided to the domestic customer at a discounted price. The MRP printed on the box is Rs.5400.00 and I have paid Rs.5310.00. I found this is available on line in much cheaper price.

Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 The service was good. You have very transparent policy for data recovery charges. The response was quick for any query. Also home pickup and delivery are very good. Overall I liked the service.
Stellar Customer
5 Star Rating Icon 5/5 Excellent staff, good attitude, commitment