Safeguarding Your Data Assets: The Four Pillars of a sound Data Recovery Strategy

This paper explores the importance of implementing a Data Recovery plan and the serious repercussions of failing to do so. It also offers a glimpse into Stellar's approach to data recovery - for corporates as well as individuals - underpinned by over 24 years of our experience in working with discerning local and global clientele.

Preparing for Unforeseen Data Loss

Types of data loss for businesses typically range from customer and employee records to sensitive business information, financial data, and pricing records, while for individuals data loss can be in the form of pictures, videos, credit/debit card information, login credentials, etc. The cost of data loss can be staggering. An effective data recovery strategy is therefore critical for corporates as well as individuals to enable peace of mind and assurance of safe, quick recovery should a data loss occur at any time or on any device.

Stellar: Your Data Recovery Service Partner of Choice

If you've lost your data and felt too concerned to find the right data recovery service provider, who will ensure business continuity management you are not alone. At Stellar, we understand business continuity management inside out and our systematic approach to data recovery ensures that nothing slips through the cracks. Developing a sound data recovery strategy involves thoroughly assessing the affected hardware.

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  • Why Stellar is reliable partner for your data recovery requirement
  • How Stellar's data recovery solution ensures manageability of reliability, availability, and serviceability
  • How do Stellar comply with all data security and privacy norms to ensure your data is 100% safe and privacy of your data is ensured
  • How Stellar's data recovery solution ensures affordability


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